Soralie (soracrystal) wrote in crystalmushing,

Update for those who have been away

Hi all,

I've decided to write a little update for those who have been gone from the game (CrystalMUSH) for a while. Currently we are up to class 2054, a lovely bunch of recruits who are down on Ballybran, awaiting symbiosis. The Big Storm Drop is scheduled for this coming Thursday, June 2nd, 5pm Pacific, 8pm Est. Now would be a perfect time for older players to return and give the new blood a piece of their mind! RP, have fun, torture the recruits with dirty sleds, cartons to be hauled, overall snobbery.. or you can be nice, too.. but what fun is that? ;)

Some tidbits on the recruits I am familiar with: Abigail refuses to clean any more sleds after her first one, and has been feigning illness to get out of it. She's kind of uptight too, and she is from Taal'en. Imetia is sweet and caring, and is hoping desperately to become a Medic. Zeyn is a trouble maker and tried to sandblast a sled, and his general mouthing off led Security to confine him in New Arrivals for a few days. Katreena is a relative of someone in the guild, she thinks, and has been digging around to find more information about her family. That's about all I can remember for now... we've certainly an eclectic bunch:)

The Medical Department has a new Chief, Kelira, and Deputy Chief, the insane Vladmir VonZourich. He can be seen around the complex wearing his "deathsuit" and is randomly accompanied by a small team of Medics, in similiar suits, flying into the ranges in their medical sleds on rescue missions.

I'm not sure what the changes in any other departments have been, since I've only a Medic character for now. But there is one sure fire way to find out! Come and see for yourself :)

UPDATE - The game is down for the weekend, and we do not know when it will be back up since it is a holiday and all. We do have a refuge at OrgMUX - 6700 in room #5689.

See ya!
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