Soralie (soracrystal) wrote in crystalmushing,

recruit updates

Arthur has adapted and is now a member of the Cuttertechs. Stephen and Xi are now in New Arrivals going through the symbiosis.

Stephen's symptoms are: This recruit seems to think that he is in the deepest level of Hell, trapped in a vision right out of Dante. Recruits, he sees as lost souls (including all of Xi's phantoms,) other guild members are imps. Meditechs he sees as shadowy, indistinct demons with balefire eyes. Some of these (the Redwings) are Fallen Angels, the reapers of souls, their armor and helms diabolical when they appear. The only exception to this is Imetia, who appears to him as a protector, an Angel of Mercy.

Xi's symptoms are: This recruit is definitely confused, but who wouldn't be? Aside from the standard symptoms associated with adaptation illness, which include a high fever with sweats and chills, she seems to be having something of a crisis of person. Not personality, person.
As the days go on, this recruit seems to encounter hallucinations of herself wearing different clothes and having different personalities.
There is Richer-than-God-Xi, for whom only the best foods, the best drinks, the best clothes, the best perfumes will do. Any less is an assault on her sensibilities.
There is Mechanic-Xi, for whom the life is buried deep inside the engine of a sled (or anything else mechanical), who could care less about most other things, including food and basic hygiene.
There is Maternal-Xi, a woman obviously very pregnant, yet still wandering around picking up clothes from her other children and cleaning off people's shining happy faces.
There is Rebellious-Xi, taking the color of her hair to extremes - by wearing hotpants and midriff-baring tight shirts, and playing an electric guitar, doing all the things that Maternal-Xi would be ashamed of!
There is also Responsible-Xi. She's the one that wears the huge glasses, has normal-colored hair, and the disturbing propensity to know exactly what the *proper* thing to do is, and to do it.
There is Creative-Xi, wearing a painters cap and carrying an easel, working on her greatest work yet, something that will stun the audiences and deliver her her accord.
There are many other personalities that show up as well, but these are the prevalent ones. Of course, the most frightening part of this is that she doesn't seem to be aware which one of these personalities is her *real* one. All of them seem to be real at the time that she is 'inhabiting' them. A better question might be... which one will be real after she's not sick anymore?

AHEM *peers* That is the spammiest med-desc I have ever seen.

Also, ya'll, anyone can post updates and things here. I'm just doing it because no one else is. :)

PS - Remember: Guild Mtg Sat Aug 20 10pm EDT
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