Soralie (soracrystal) wrote in crystalmushing,

Class 2055 Update

Hey all! Just a quick update: The Big Storm was last night, resulting in two recruits coming down with the adaptation illness - Caoimhe and Arthur.

Caoimhe's state is: The pipes, the pipes are calling. Caoimhe has a lot of typical adaptation signs - swollen tongue, extreme fever - along with a few that are a tad strange - extreme hunger and thirst, along with an occasional dizziness. The real odd thing is that the intense fevers have caused her to go into a delirium that seems to have propelled her back to Scotland. All of her actions are ruled by Scottish culture - she'll try all sorts of Scottish things, including the caber toss (if she can find anything close to a huge log to toss - perhaps pillow cushions will work?) Also, she seems to have gained quite a taste for beer (though anything she drinks - even water - tastes like beer.) Also, everything she eats tastes like haggis, regardless of what she eats. And when her fever spikes? Well. She begins to hear wonderful bagpipe music and usually has an urge to do a traditional Scottish dance. No matter what she does, it's Scottish. Apparently she's been dragged back to her roots.

Arthur's state is: The symbiont has caused this recruit to come down with a rather strange illness. Along with the common fever and dry throat, Arthur has come down with an acute case of arthritis - painful joints - along with odd hallucinations. Somehow he thinks he's become attuned to machinery, with his joint problem merely being the result of rust and not enough oil. To replenish himself, he'll only drink dark liquids - coffee, iced tea or dark colas. Water, however, might rust him further and cause pain, and he'll often stay away from it. Other than this, he also seems to believe he can speak to anything mechanical and will often carry on conversations with pieces of machinery in the room. They talk back to him, of course, but only in ways he can hear.

As the recruits drop, feel free to come on down to the Infirmary level to pay them a visit - or if you prefer, hang out in the recruit lounge to torment those yet to fall ill.
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